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at Angkor Thom, Siem Reap, Cambodia

The mysterious Bayon Robert Bloomberg

The exact likeness of the 216 mysterious faces of the Bayon temple, at the centre of the great city of Angkor Thom, has frustrated scholars for many years. Most believe its the face of King Jayavarman VII, the ruler at the time of the temple's construction, or that of the compassionate Avalokiteshvara. Stereo photographer and musician Robert Bloomberg gave his own tongue-in-cheek take on the origin when he sent me the above photograph in 2002. "A small tribute to your Buddha nature..." was how he phrased it. Thanks Robert.


Someone has really got to make the author of this website understand that wearing a Krama is for Cambodians NOT for Westerners with big noses. It doesn't look good under any circumstances. Other examples of awful headwear are displayed below or are available on request!

Sussing out a minefield at Koh Ker.Large red nose and krama in Phnom Penh.Author taking a rest in Srei Santhor district.

Left: Sussing out a minefield at Koh Ker. Middle: A large red nose and krama in Phnom Penh. Right: On a trip around the Srei Santhor district.

The author (left) and pals at Prasat Neak Buos, along the Thai-Cambodian border.Stop complaining! You suggested we look for these temples in the first place...Outside a mined farm in Choam Khsan, January 2003.

Left: The author and pals at Prasat Preah Neak Buos along the Thai-Cambodian border. Middle: Broken branches and debris underfoot made this paddle a painful trek in the forest surrounding the village of Svay Chek. Right: Outside mined farmland in Choam Khsan.

The author at Preah Vihear - January 2005. I hate this picture!

Above: The author on the cliff-edge at Preah Vihear, looking like a complete banana! I've come to the conclusion that I don't look good in a hat, full stop!

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