Steel Pulse at Dingwalls - gig review

Penny Reel in NME

4 February 1978

Yes I, Steel Pulse have certainly learned how to enthral an audience. Me hear say they have now signed with Island Records...Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Rich, cho man! United artists. Steel Pulse are going places. Their set laden with guitar frills and anarchic dub effects won the wholehearted approval of the Dingwalls crowd. Even the guy with the 'Island is Babylon' badge was noticed to applaud the brethren. I woke up somewhere midway through their set daydreaming about the way things sometimes are.

Tim Clarke was reportedly impressed with the way the young band coped as support for Burning Spear. Keith Altham's office has done a splendid promotions job. Their new company will almost certainly complete the good work.

The people are familiar with Steel Pulse songs now; there was a loud cheer rang out when Ku Klux Klan was introduced and the vocalists came forward wearing white Klansman hoods. You know, black theatre. Incidentally, Island are putting 'Ku Klan Clucks' out as a single, with a limited 5,000 12" pressing. They're gonna lynch folk in St Peter's Square as a publicity stunt.

Soldiers, Respect For Jah, Nyah Luv, Rock Little Children, Collie Man - the group supplied proficient renditions of their songs. It will be interesting to see how Dennis Matumbi handles their production. In the words of Wreckless Eric, Steel Pulse are sending semaphore signals across enemy lines. I wish them luck.

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