Steel Pulse line-up in 1978. LtoR: Phonso, Michael, David, Selwyn, Basil, Grizzly, Ronnie.


Steel Pulse - Latest Releases

Steel Pulse released two compilations during 2006, sharing intimate memories and unseen footage in their Introspective DVD and their second compilation on the Wiseman Doctrine label, Rastanthology II: The Sequel. Find out more.

Introspective DVDRastanthology II: The Sequel CD

Steel Pulse - Reggae Legends

- a detailed biography of the band from their early days in Handsworth

Steel Pulse bio's

- read bio's of the main characters in the Steel Pulse story

On the road with Steel Pulse, 2

- 'on the road' in detail from 2002 up to the present day

Sundance comes alive - August 2003

- magical moments and photos from the Sundance Festival in Holland

UK gigs - June 2004

- news, photos & set-lists from their brief UK 2004 tour

Paris gigs - November 2004

- reports, photos & set-lists from a memorable Paris weekend

B'ham/UK gigs - Sep/Oct 2005

- Steel Pulse wowed the crowds in Birmingham, Shrewsbury and London in four concert appearances in September and October 2005, kicking off by headlining at the Reggae Rockz festival in Birmingham City Centre. To read my inside story on all four shows, together with a unique series of photos, click on the link above

African Holocaust, 2

- the latest Steel Pulse studio album, reviews & interviews

Steve 'Grizzly' Nisbett

- the Grizzly story, told by the man himself

Donna Sterling

- the Donna Sterling story, told with a smile

The Basil Gabbidon story

- the inside story from the band's founder member

Basil Gabbidon - the story continues

- Basil is still making music and sharing his talent

Colin Gabbidon

- the band's first drummer tells his story

Pete King

- the band's former manager in his own words

Interviews with Steel Pulse

- interviews with former group members

David, Selwyn, Moonie, Sidney

- a webpage on members of the band (with autographs)

Articles Index

- a treasure-trove of archive articles about the band not found anywhere else

1976 - photo gallery

- these early photos of the band are priceless

Captured on the road 1, 2

- photos of the band from times gone by

Steel Pulse Discography

- details of Steel Pulse's albums and singles over the last 30 years

7" Single Covers

- Steel Pulse 7" picture sleeves through the years

Steel Pulse factsheet

- brimming with Steel Pulse facts

Steel Pulse memorabilia

- some items of memorabilia that will be of interest

Steel Pulse Forum

- an opportunity to discuss Steel Pulse and other British reggae bands

Official Steel Pulse website

- make sure you pay a visit to the band's official website

Matte Dread Reporting

Speaking to...

Lee Allen, then Manager of a fledgling Steel Pulse in 1975. Click to enlarge. Cecil Morris, promoter, agent, tv producer and more. Click to enlarge.

Left: Lee Allen. Right: Cecil Morris.

At the end of 2005, I met two men who had a big impact on a fledgling Steel Pulse around the time of their first public appearances in 1975 and 1976. Lee Allen and Cecil Morris recalled their personal associations with an emerging Steel Pulse with great fondness. Lee was the band's first Manager whilst Cecil was the promoter responsible for their talent competition at Santa Rosa success a year later. He also owns video footage of the competition which is most likely the earliest recorded footage of Steel Pulse playing live. Snippets from the two interviews will appear here.

Steel Pulse in Eindhoven, August 2003. LtoR: Selwyn Brown, David Hinds, Conrad Kelly, Sidney Mills, Donna Sterling, Alvin Ewen, Richard Hermitage (manager): Andy Brouwer, Moonie Pusey.

Steel Pulse & the author backstage in Eindhoven, Holland, August 2003. Back Row LtoR: Selwyn Brown, David Hinds, Conrad Kelly, Sidney Mills, Donna Sterling, Alvin Ewen, Richard Hermitage (manager). Front Row: Andy Brouwer, Moonie Pusey. {click to enlarge},

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