Earth Crisis - album review

Simon Hills in Record Mirror

25 February 1984

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Plastic Pulse, more like. The Brummie reggae combo have opted for a cleaner, softer sound than ever before, which actually works better for the group.

I've never held much respect for British reggae - and this is very, very English - but Steel Pulse do have a bit more spark than most of their contemporaries in this country. Earth Crisis tries to overcome the age old problem of mixing roots with a more commercial style, and it still means that the raw material is watered down.

Still, numbers like the easy Body Guard (a perfect example of a soft melody for ultra-hard lyrics) move along breezily and David Hinds boasts a distinctive voice and promising writing skills. But at the end of the day, they don't have the verve, humour or adventurous spirit of their contemporaries in Jamaica.

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