True Democracy - album review

Kevin Wilson in Record Mirror

13 March 1982

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Handsworth's famous sons return to the fold with a new label and a new approach and, more importantly, a re-found belief. Go back to their roots. And True Democracy is the result.

The most radiant example of the new Steel Pulse is Rally Round which appears as Dub Marcus Say on side two. It is a stunning re-working of Rastafarian ideals and a heroworshipping tribute to Marcus Garvey.

Ravers is the new single, and its a fine hot little thing extolling the virtues of all night parties and a night full of ravers like it would ensure mass dancing into the wee small hours.

Yes, Steel Pulse are back. Lessons learnt, advice heeded, batteries recharged. The scene as it stands needs them as the harder approach to reggae takes effect in terms of chart success. The Pulse beats even stronger.

Text copyright Record Mirror 1982, used without permission.

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