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Six years after my last visit, Battambang was my next destination. It's always been one of my favourite locations in Cambodia, sleepy and laid-back, almost horizontal was how I describe it to anyone that asks. This time I was overjoyed to see both of the city's museums, enjoy a ride on a 'norry' or bamboo train, re-visited the ruined Prasat Bassaet and managed to locate a couple of genocide memorials I was seeking, all in the company of Sak, who'd been recommended and who turned out to be my best 'find' in Cambodia's 2nd city. He's a top bloke, his family is absolutely adorable and I recommend him to everyone. I also bumped into, quite literally, the folks on the Pepy Ride (website) and documentary film-maker Li-Da Kruger, who happened to be in town. The first person I'd met was Chhorvy, in charge at the KCT internet cafe next to the White Rose restaurant, and she typifies the people of Battambang for me, ultra friendly and welcoming with a sunny disposition and a gorgeous smile, exactly how I remember my previous visits to the city.

A full description of my visit to Battambang will appear here soon.

Sak and his adorable family at their home in Battambang.The author and Chhorvy, the smiling face of KCT Internet in Battambang. {click to enlarge}

{Above left} My guide Sak and his adorable family: LtoR: Borromey, Chamnap, Theara, Sak, Chakrya and little Holly. {Above right} The author and Chhorvy, the smiling face of KCT Internet in Battambang. # Click to enlarge.

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January 2006 marked my twelfth trip to Cambodia since my first-ever visit in 1994. It's a country that has a special magic all of its own and which draws me back every year to venture out into the Cambodian countryside in search of new adventures, ancient temples and to catch up with the friends I've made from previous visits. Each trip is full of laughter, smiles and a host of fresh experiences and my latest expedition was no exception.

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