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David Hinds - Steel Pulse's lead vocalist and guitarist

An exquisite voice and a commanding stage presence have served David 'Dread' Hinds well since he and Basil Gabbidon decided to start a band in the early 70s. That band became Steel Pulse, who served their intentions on the reggae world with their breathtaking debut album Handsworth Revolution and have continued to delight and entertain audiences across the globe ever since. Now some thirty years since the schoolmates first got together, Steel Pulse continue to tour around the world and are committed to the same message on their latest album, African Holocaust as they were with their debut album. Hinds is the fulcrum around which the band revolves. He's written 95% of their material since day one and the body of work from Ku Klux Klan through to the forthcoming album is enormous. Born in Birmingham (15/6/56) of Jamaican parents, Hinds grew up in a hotbed of reggae in Handsworth and shaped by events nationally and in the Caribbean, he and his band have been determined to bring their version of conscious reggae to our ears ever since. David has guested on two Pato Banton albums, Never Give In and Wize Up! His son Baruch is the band's drum technician and sometime rapper.

David 'Dread' Hinds autograph - Aug 2003 [courtesy Andy Brouwer]

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