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Incantation in 1983: Back Row LtoR: Forbes Henderson, Mike Taylor, Chris Swithinbank. Front Row LtoR: Tony Hinnigan, Simon Rogers [photo Mike Laye]

Incantation Albums

On The Wing Of A Condor

1. On the Wing of a Condor; 2. Sonccuiman; 3. Sikuriadas; 4. High Flying Bird; 5. Dolencias; 6. Winds on the Mountain; 7. Amores Hallaras; 8. El Pajaro Madrugador; 9. Papel De Plata; 10. The Condor Dance; 11. Cacharpaya; 12. Friends of the Andes.

Released November 1982. This album, Incantation's first, was variously known as Panpipes of the Andes and Cacharpaya. A stunning debut as the album charted in the UK Top Ten and the single, Cacharpaya, reached twelfth spot in the singles chart. The band line-up was Tony Hinnigan, Mike Taylor, Simon Rogers, Chris Swithinbank, Forbes Henderson, with Andy Tyrell and Nick Carr lending a hand.

Dance Of The Flames

1. Dance of the Flames; 2. Cutimuy; 3. Canarios; 4. The Man from Humahuaca; 5. El Condor Pasa; 6. Atahuallpa; 7. Selection of Tonadas; 8. Puneno; 9. Waynu; 10. Festival of Yotala; 11. Buscando; 12. Boquita Colorada.

Released December 1983.

Virgins Of The Sun

1. Brass Band; 2. Virgins of the Sun; 3. Solo Harpist; 4. Sacsaywaman; 5. Adios, Pueblo De Mi Waycho; 6. Chupizinatay Yacuy; 7. Noches De Luna; 8. Festival in Laja; 9. Selection of Sekuris; 10. Indian Street Musician; 11. Aguita De Putina; 12. Chofercito; 13. Los Senors De Potasi; 14. Brass Band.

Released November 1984. The band line-up for this album was Tony Hinnigan, Mike Taylor, Chris Swithinbank, Simon Rogers and Forbes Henderson. Five of the tracks were recorded live in Peru.

Best Of Incantation (Compilation)

1. On the Wing of a Condor; 2. Cutimuy; 3. Sacsaywaman; 4. Dance of the Flames; 5. Sonccuiman; 6. Cacharpaya; 7. Papel De Plata; 8. Virgins of the Sun; 9. Atahuallpa; 10. Dolencias; 11. Festival of Yotala; 12. Los Senors De Potasi.

Released November 1985 & re-released May 1992. A similar compilation album was released in 1985, with the track Noches De Luna replacing On the Wing of a Condor.

Panpipes Of The Andes

1. Amores Hallaras; 2. Cacharpaya; 3. Papel De Plata; 4. Friends of the Andes; 5. Wl Pajaro Madrugador; 6. The Condor Dance; 7. Sonccuiman; 8. Dolencias; 9. Winds of the Mountain; 10. On the Wing of a Condor; 11. Sikuriadas; 12. High Flying Bird.

Released March 1986.

The Meeting

1. De Mis Huellas; 2. Antiguos Duenos De Flechas; 3. Old Thatched Cabin; 4. Canto Del Agua; 5. Scarborough Fair; 6. On Earth as it is in Heaven; 7. Phuru Runas - Wa Ya Yay; 8. El Amor Es Un Camino; 9. Cuando; 10. Cancion De Carnaval - Eddi's Tune; 11. Night Shadows.

Released October 1987 on Cooking Vinyl Records & re-released February 1991. The band line-up for this album was Tony Hinnigan, Mike Taylor, Sergio Avila, Claudia Figueroa, Forbes Henderson and Mauricio Venegas.

On Gentle Rocks

1. Consider the Wind; 2. Viracocha; 3. Nokomis Awakes; 4. Valley of the Shadow; 5. Companion of Sirius; 6. Cacharpaya; 7. Find the Child; 8. Suleiman's Dance; 9. A Hymne to God the Father; 10. May They Live & Die in Peace; 11. Come By Here; 12. On Gentle Rocks.

Released August 1992 on Destiny Music label. Assisting Mike Taylor & Tony Hinnigan were guest musicians Kate Musker, Nigel Thomas, Paul Brennan and Shezwae Powell-Gibbons.

Ghost Dances & Sergeant Early's Dream

1. May Morning Dew/Sergeant Early's Dream; 2. Eighteen Years Old; 3. Maid of Mount Sisco/Richard Dwyers; 4. Geordie; 5. Love Will You Marry Me?/Plains of Boyle; 6. Black is the Colour; 7. Peggy Gordon; 8. Gospel Ship; 9. Barbara Allen; 10. Junior Crehan's Favourite/Corney Is Coming; 11. Ojos Azules; 12. Hurajra; 13. Dolencias; 14. Papel De Plata; 15. Mis Llamitas; 16. Sikuriadas; 17. Ojos Azules.

Released in 1994. Combined album from Mike Taylor & Tony Hinnigan and the Sergeant Early Band.

Songs For All Seasons

1. What is this Fragrance?; 2. I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing By; 3. Torches; 4. Our Lady; 5. How Hard It Bloweth/A Solis Ortus Cardine; 6. The Virgin Mother; 7. The Holly & the Ivy/In Sulci Jubilo; 8. Lullay Thou Tiny Little Child; 9. The Angel Gabriel; 10. The Child Divine/A Shepherd's Story; 11. Spiritual; 12. The Wexford Carol/A Virgin Most Pure; 13. Jesu Redemptor Omnium.

Released in 1994. This cd also featured soloists Jackie Dankworth, Cathy Russell and Maggie Boyle.


1. Ganado Feroz; 2. Brazfest; 3. Reunion; 4. Santa Cruz Jit; 5. Doina Cestriana; 6. Electric Knight; 7. Llaulillay; 8. Dawn at Vilcabamba; 9. Serenading Chango; 10. The Little Flute Player; 11. The Remembrance of Mary and Ellen; 12. Cacharpaya Shuffle.

Released in 1995 on Cooking Vinyl Records.

The Very Best of Incantation (Compilation)

1. On Earth as it is in Heaven; 2. Cacharpaya Shuffle; 3. Reunion; 4. El Amor Es Un Camino; 5. Doina Cestriana; 6. Mis Llamitas: 7. Phuru Runas - Wa Ya Yay; 8. Llaulillay; 9. Scarborough Fair; 10. Ganado Feroz; 11. Dawn at Vilcabamba; 12. De Mis Huellas; 13. Antiguos Duenos De Flechas; 14. Cancion De Carnaval - Eddi's Tune; 15. Ojos Azules.

Released in 1996 under license from Cooking Vinyl by Music Club.

Geoglyph (The Very Best of Incantation Compilation)

1. Dawn at Vilcabamba; 2. Santa Cruz Jit; 3. Virgins of the Sun; 4. Llaulillay; 5. Amores Hallaras; 6. On Earth as it is in Heaven (Theme from The Mission); 7. Old Thatched Cabin; 8. Condor Dance/Mary and Ellen Reels; 9. Flight of the Condor (Ojos Azules); 10. Brazfest; 11. Scarborough Fair; 12. Cutimy; 13. Find the Child (Theme from Willow); 14. Viracocha; 15. Reunion; 16. Cacharpaya.

Released in 1998 on Cooking Vinyl Records. Mike Taylor & Tony Hinnigan are joined by James Woodrow on guitar for most tracks, with a selection of other guests.

Remembrance (Compilation)

1. Ojos Azules; 2. Hurajra; 3. Dolencias; 4. Papel De Plata; 5. Mis Llamitas; 6. Sikuriadas; 7. De Mis Huellas; 8. Antiguos Duenos De Flechas; 9. Old Thatched Cabin; 10. Canto Del Agua; 11. Scarborough Fair; 12. On Earth as it is in Heaven; 13. Phuru Runas - Wa Ya Yay; 14. El Amor Es Un Camino; 15. Cuando; 16. Cancion De Carnaval - Eddi's Tune; 17. Night Shadows.18. May Morning Dew/Sergeant Early's Dream; 19. Eighteen Years Old; 20. Maid of Mount Sisco/Richard Dwyers; 21. Geordie; 22. Love Will You Marry Me?/Plains of Boyle; 23. Black is the Colour; 24. Peggy Gordon; 25. Gospel Ship; 26. Barbara Allen; 27. Junior Crehan's Favourite/Corney Is Coming;

Released in 1998 under license from Cooking Vinyl by Snapper Music. The cd features 7 tracks from Ghost Dances, Sergeant Early's Dream (10 tracks) and The Meeting album. Mike Taylor and Tony Hinnigan, alongwith James Woodrow (guitar) supply the music apart from the seven-piece Sergeant Early Band.

Camera: Reflections on Film Music (Compilation)

1. The Shipping News; 2. Legends of The Fall; 3. City of Joy; 4. Field of Dreams; 5. The Mission; 6. Titanic - The Portrait; 7. Young Guns; 8. Willow; 9. A Handful of Dust; 10. The Devil's Own; 11. The Mask of Zorro; 12. Braveheart; 13. The Land Before Time; 14. The Piano; 15. Titanic - Hymn to the Sea.

Released in September 2003 on the Cooking Vinyl label, this was a re-interpretation of their classic tracks by Tony Hinnigan. Olly Nicholls and Hinnigan produced the album and some of the friends who helped out included Mike Taylor, Kate Musker (violas), James Woodrow (guitar), James Shenton and Bill Hawkes (violins), Dave Lee (horn), Phil Scragg (bass), Gary Kettel and Nigel Thomas (congas), Roger Linley (double bass) and Olly Nicholls (keyboards).

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