K-M-A, released in 1976 on the Concrete Jungle label.

OK, so this isn't the sleeve from Steel Pulse's debut single, released on the Concrete Jungle label, but I've included it for posterity purposes. The tune was written by Ronnie McQueen. 1976: (A) Kibudu - Mansatta - Abuku (B) Mansatta Instrumental

The English version of Nyah Luv. The French pressing of Nyah Luv.

Nyah Luv was their second single, written by David Hinds and released on the Anchor label. The French version (right) on Tempus Records had the Basil Gabbidon penned Bun Dem on the B-side. 1977: (A) Nyah Luv (B) Luv Nyah

The fabulous Ku Klux Klan from 1978.

Steel Pulse released this seminal single in March 1978, their first release on Island Records. 1978: (A) Ku Klux Klan (B) Ku Klux Klan

English version of Prodigal Son.French version of Prodigal Son.Spanish version of Prodigal Son.

Here are 3 Prodigal Son sleeves. On the left is the English version, the middle is French (B-side was Bad Man) and on the right, a Spanish version with Ku Klux Klan on the B-side. 1978: (A) Prodigal Son (B) Prodigal Son Dub

English pressing of Sound System.A Dutch pressing of the single, Sound System.

Both of these Sound System pressings, English and Dutch, contain the same tracks. 1979: (A) Sound System (B) Crampars Style

Don't Give In, from France.

This is the French pressing of this single. 1980: (A) Don't Give In (B) Don't

The Caught You Dancing single.

This 7" single cover illustration was by Donna Muir. 1980: (A) Caught You Dancing (B) Caught

The 1982 single Ravers.

The Ravers single was released on the band's own Wise Man Doctrine label. 1982: (A) Ravers (B) More Dub Marcus Say

Your House, penned by Phonso Martin.

This single release was penned by Phonso Martin. 1982: (A) Your House (B) Find It...Quick!

A German pressing of Steppin' Out from 1983.

This is a German pressing of Steppin' Out. 1983: (A) Steppin' Out (B) Tight-Rope

Love Walks Out from 1985.

1985: (A) Love Walks Out (B) Kick That Habit, Save Black Music

Reaching Out - released in 1988.

Spike Lee directed the video for Reaching Out. 1988: (A) Reaching Out (B) Reaching Out (dub version)

A German import CD release, Can't Stand It.

Taken from the soundtrack of the film, Do the Right Thing, this was a German CD release. 1989: Can't Stand It: Straight Pass Remix, Instrumental, Radio Edit Remix, LP Version.

French promo pressing in 1991 of Soul of My Soul.

This is a French promo pressing of Soul of My Soul; 7" redio edit. 1991 (A) Soul of My Soul (B) Taxi Driver.

CD single, Bootstraps.

A CD single release. 1994: Bootstraps: Shoe Polish Mix, Head Stomping Mix, Shabby Sneakers Mix, Buck My Big Toe Mix, Back To My Roots , Dub To My Roots.

CD single, Bown Eyed Girl, originally sung by Van Morrison.

CD single. 1997: Brown Eyed Girl Bag O Tricks Mix, Stack's Dig & Dance Radio Mix, Bag O Tricks Extended Mix, Stack's Dig & Dance Mix, Bulging Eyeball Mix

CD single, When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman, originally sung by Dr Hook.

CD single. 1997: When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman Radio Edit, The Real Terrorist, When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman


Note: If you have any other 7" Steel Pulse single or CD covers you'd be willing to share, please get in touch.

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