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Track List: Global Warning 4:54; Blazing Fire 3:36 featuring Capleton; Must Be A Way 4:14; Make Us A Nation 4:15; Dem A Wolf 3:35; No More Weapons 4:36 featuring Damian Marley; Tyrant 4:51; Door Of No Return 4:49; Born Fe Rebel 4:42 featuring Jukie Ranks; Darker Than Blue 4:36; George Jackson 3:54; African Holocaust 4:27 featuring Tiken Jah Fakoly; Uncle George 4:13

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"African Holocaust is a summary of the state of the world today from our perspective - which is a perspective of the black diaspora. Subject matters range from exposing the negative impact, politically and environmentally of super powers, to the nostalgia for our African heritage." - David Hinds

The album was released in June 2004 in France on the Nocturne label, to coincide with Steel Pulse's European Tour, which began on 16 June. Sanctuary Group released the album in England and the United States release, on RAS Records, was on 14 July. The band's own Wise Man Doctrine label in the UK released the album on 5 September 2005. Guest vocalists on the album include Capleton, Damian Marley, Jukie Ranks and Tiken Jah Fakoly. Guest musicians include Wayne Clarke (drums), Adam Drake (lead guitar), Jacko Peake (sax), Simon Wilcox (trumpet) and Chris Petter (trombone). The track George Jackson was written by Bob Dylan in 1971.

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