Steel Pulse, the internationally acclaimed reggae band who began life in the back streets of Birmingham, England in the early Seventies are still very much alive today, nearly thirty years later. The band are renowned for their commitment to their musical message of fighting injustice, educating the masses and creating positive forces. They take their music around the globe and have a worldwide following.

Here's some photos from the band's recent and more distant past to enjoy [click to enlarge]. I welcome any photographs taken by fans and friends of Steel Pulse, who would like to post their special moments onto this webpage.

David Hinds [photos (c) Olga K]David Hinds in Athens [photo (c) Olga K]

David Hinds on stage in Athens June 2004 [photo (c) Olga K]

David Hinds in action in Athens, Greece on 16 June 2004. Photos (c) Olga K at

David Hinds & Roy Rowe in New Haven, July 2004.David Hinds and Sue Rowe before their New Haven show.

David Hinds on stage, by Roy Rowe.

Roy Rowe and his wife Sue attended their first Steel Pulse gig for 15 years in New Haven, Connecticut on 15 July 2004 and loved it. Above is Roy and his wife with David Hinds before the show. And below is an excellent photo taken by Roy of David on stage.

Moonie in typical showman style, by Socalkim.Rub-a-dub, Alvin Ewen, by Socalkim.The inimitable David Hinds, by Socalkim.

Kimberley ('SoCalKim'), a regular on the Steel Pulse messageboard, took these photos at the Pulse gigs at Solana Beach and The Roxy in LA in August 2004. Thanks to Kimberley for permission to post them here.

Steel Pulse, resplendent in their stage costumes, in 1983.A youthful Onelove with Grizzly Nisbett at the Hummingbird in 1983.

David Hinds, cousin Sharon and Onelove in Brooklyn, 2003.

'Onelove', a regular contributor to the official Steel Pulse messageboard, took these photos in 1983 at the Hummingbird in Birmingham and in Brooklyn, New York in 2003. Thanks to 'Onelove' for permission to post his photos here.

Steel Pulse line up in 2002 - click to enlarge. [photo copyright Cecile Ossieux]

Steel Pulse in costume, photographed by Cecile Ossieux in 2002. LtoR: David Hinds, Moonie Pusey, Selwyn Brown, Donna Sterling, Alvin Ewen, Sid Mills and Conrad Kelly. [Photo (c) Cecile Ossieux.]

Island publicity photo, taken by Adrian Boot in May 1978; LtoR: Phonso, Selwyn, David, Basil, Michael, Ronnie, Grizzly [click to enlarge]

May 1978 and Steel Pulse pose for another Island Records publicity photo. LtoR: Phonso Martin, Selwyn Brown, David Hinds, Basil Gabbidon, Michael Riley, Ronnie McQueen, Grizzly Nisbett.

Steel Pulse vocalists (right) Melanie Lynch and (left) Marea Wilson in New Orleans, Oct 2004 [[c]

October 2004 and Mel Lynch (left) and Marea Wilson (right) strut their stuff at the Voodoo Fest, New Orleans concert. [Photo (c)]

Michael Riley in Preacher costume in 1978. The band line-up for the cover of their 1980 album release in the States, called Reggae Fever.

(Left) Michael Riley poses for the camera in 1978 in a clergyman's costume. (Right) The band line-up in playful mode for the cover of their 1980 album release Reggae Fever. This was the album's title in the USA, whilst elsewhere it was called Caught You. LtoR: Ronnie, Basil, Selwyn, Phonso, Grizzly and David (in front).

Steel Pulse's 1983 line-up for the Steppin' Out single.

1983 - this photo adorned the cover of a German pressing of the single Steppin' Out. LtoR: Carlton Bryan, Grizzly Nisbett, Alvin Ewen, David Hinds, Phonso Martin, Selwyn Brown.

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