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I can't claim to include every English language book written about Cambodia but I've tried to include all of the key books from the last few years and beyond, and all new releases. I have linked a few of the book titles to either on-line reviews or excerpts from the book - click on the highlighted title to read more.
Ablin, David & Hood, Marlowe (eds); The Cambodian Agony. 1987
Affonco, Denise; To the End of Hell. 2007
Albanese, Marilla; Angkor - Splendors of the Khmer Civilization. 2002
Albanese, Marilla; The Treasures of Angkor. 2006
Allen, Margret Hargreaves-; On The Road To Angkor. 2007
Anderson, Jack & Pronzini, Bill; The Cambodia File. 1981 (novel)
Anderson, Liz; Red Lights and Green Lizards; A Cambodian Adventure. 1998
Anson, Robert Sam; War News. 1989
Asia Watch Human Rights; Land Mines in Cambodia: The Coward's War. 1991
Ashe, Var Hong; From Phnom Penh to Paradise: Escape from Cambodia. 1988
Asma, Stephen T; The Gods Drink Whiskey. 2005
Auboyer, Jeannie; Angkor. 1971
Audric, John; Angkor & the Khmer Empire. 1972
Aymonier, Etienne; Khmer Heritage in Thailand. 1999 re-print
Aymonier, Etienne; Khmer Heritage in the old Siamese Provinces of Cambodia. 1999 re-print
Ayres, David; Anatomy of a Crisis: Education, Development & the State in Cambodia 1953-1998. 2000
Bailleux, Renaud; The Tonle Sap Great Lake: A Pulse of Life. 2003
Barron, John & Paul, Anthony; Peace with Horror: The Untold Story of Communist Genocide in Cambodia. 1977
Becker, Elizabeth; When The War Was Over: Cambodia's Revolution & The Voices of Its People. 1986
Bekaert, Jacques; Kampuchea Diary 1983 - 1986 Selected Articles. 1987
Bekaert, Jacques; Cambodian Diary: A Long Road to Peace 1987 - 1993. 1998
Best, Anne; The Monk, The Farmer, The Merchant, The Mother. 2005
Bhandari, C M; Saving Angkor. 1995
Bit, Seanglim; The Warrior Heritage: A Psychological Perspective of Cambodian Trauma. 1991
Bingham, Robert; Lightning On The Sun. 2000 (novel)
Bizot, Francois; The Gate. 2003
Black, John; The Lofty Sanctuary of Khao Phra Vihar. 1976
Bonheur, Albert Le; Of Gods, Kings & Men; Bas-reliefs of Angkor Wat & Bayon. 1995
Bowden, David; Cambodia. 1996
Bowden, David; Cambodia : A Short Stay Guide. 2000
Bowett, D W; Captivity in Cambodia. 2000 (novel)
Briggs, Larry; A Pilgimage To Angkor. 1943
Briggs, Lawrence P; The Ancient Khmer Empire. 1951 & 1999
Brouwer, Andy (ed); To Cambodia With Love. 2010 Not yet published
Brown, Frederick Z (ed); Rebuilding Cambodia. 1993
Brown, Frederick Z & Timberman, David G (eds); Cambodia and the International Community: The Quest for Peace,Development and Democracy. 1998
Brown, Ian; Oxfam Country Guides : Cambodia. 2000
Brown, MacAlister & Zasloff, Joseph; Cambodia Counfounds the Peacemakers 1979-1998. 1998
Brown, Roger & Kline, D; The New Face of Kampuchea. 1979
Bruguier, Bruno & Lacroix, Juliette; Phnom Penh Et Les Provinces Meridionales. 2009
Buckley, Michael; Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos Handbook. 1996
Bull, David; The Poverty of Diplomacy: Kampuchea & the Outside World. 1983
Bunker, Emma & Latchford, Douglas; Adoration & Glory : The Golden Age of Khmer Art. 2004
Burchett, Wilfred; The China-Cambodia-Vietnam Triangle. 1981
Burgler, Roel A; The Eyes of the Pineapple - Revolutionary Intellectuals and Terror in Democratic Kampuchea. 1990
Burke, Bill; Mine Fields: Cambodian Photos 1982-1994. 1995
Burridge, Stephanie & Frumberg, Fred (eds); Beyond The Apsara: Celebrating Dance in Cambodia. 2010
Candee, H Churchill; Angkor the Magnificent. 1925
Canesso, Claude; Let's Visit Cambodia. 1990
Carver, Norman; Cambodia. 2002
Casey, Robert J; Four Faces of Siva : The Detective Story of a Vanished Race. 1979 re-print
Chanda, Nayan; Brother Enemy: The War After the War: A History of Indochina Since the Fall of Saigon. 1986
Chandler, David P; Voices from S-21: Terror and History in Pol Pot's Secret Prison. 2000
Chandler, David P; Brother Number One: A Political Biography of Pol Pot. 1992
Chandler, David P; The Tragedy of Cambodian History: War, Politics & Revolution Since 1945. 1991
Chandler, David P: A History of Cambodia. 1983
Chandler, David P; The Land & People of Cambodia. 1991
Chandler, David P; Facing the Cambodian Past: Selected Essays 1971-1994. 1996
Chandler, David P & Kiernan, Ben (eds); Revolution & Its Aftermath in Kampuchea: Eight Essays. 1983
Chandler, David P, Kiernan, Ben & Boua, Chanthou; Pol Pot Plans the Future: Confidential Leadership Documents from Democratic Kampuchea 1976-77. 1988
Chavanat, Damien & Creedy Smith, Elise & Justin; Cambodia & Angkor: A Travel Sketch-book. 2003
Chou Ta-Kuan; The Customs of Cambodia. 1992 re-print
Ciorciari, John D & Heindel, Anne (eds); On Trial: The Khmer Rouge Accountability Process. 2009
Clymer, Kenton; Troubled Relations: The United States and Cambodia since 1870. 2007
Coates, Karen; Cambodia Now: Life In The Wake of War. 2005
Coe, Michael D; Angkor and the Khmer Civilization. 2003
Coedes, George; Angkor: An Introduction. 1963
Cohen, Joan (ed); Angkor: Monuments of the God-Kings. 1975
Colet, John & Eliot, Joshua (eds); Cambodia Handbook (Footprint). 1997 & 2000
Corfield, Justin; Khmers Stand Up! 1994
Cox, Geraldine; Home Is Where The Heart Is. 2000
Criddle, Joan & Teeda Butt Mam; To Destroy You Is No Loss; The Odyssey of a Cambodian Family. 1987
Criddle, Joan; Bamboo & Butterflies; From Refugee To Citizen. 1992
Cunin, Olivier & Saito, Baku; The Face Towers of Banteay Chmar. 2005
Curtis, Grant; Cambodia: A Country Profile (SIDA Report). 1989
Curtis, Grant; Cambodia Reborn: The Transition to Democracy & Development. 1998
Dagens, Bruno; Angkor: Heart of an Asian Empire. 1995
Davies, Paul & Dunlop, Nic; War of the Mines: Cambodia, Landmines & the Impoverishment of a Nation. 1994
Deac, Wilfred P & Summers, Harry; Road to the Killing Fields: The Cambodian War of 1970-1975. 1997
Dieulefils, P; Ruins of Angkor, Cambodia in 1909. 2001
Dith, Pran; Children of Cambodia's Killing Fields : Memoirs by Survivors. 1997
Downie, Susan; Down Highway One: Journey through Vietnam & Cambodia. 1993
Doyle, Michael; UN Peacekeeping in Cambodia: UNTAC's Civil Mandate. 1995
Drabble, Margaret; The Gates of Ivory. 1991 (novel)
Dumarcay, Jacques; The Site of Angkor. 1998
Dumarcay, Jacques & Royere, Pascal (trans. Michael Smithies); Cambodian Architecture : Eighth to Thirteenth Centuries. 2001
Dunlop, Nic; The Lost Executioner: Search for Comrade Duch. 2005
Durand, Loup; The Angkor Massacre. 1983 (novel)
Ea, Meng-Try, Sim, Sorya; Victims & Perpetrators? Testimony of Young Khmer Rouge Comrades. 2002
Ebihara, May & Mortland, Carol & Ledgerwood, Judy (eds); Cambodian Culture Since 1975: Homeland & Exile. 1994
Echlin, Kim; The Disappeared. 2009 (novel)
Eckardt, James; The Year of Living Stupidly? Boom, Bust or Cambodia. 2001
EFEO; Looting in Angkor: One Hundred Missing Objects. 1993
Elliott, Robert James & Smith, Stefan; Remembering Cambodia. 2003
Elvin, Harold; Elvin's Rides. 1963
Etcheson, Craig; The Rise & Demise of Democratic Kampuchea. 1984
Etcheson, Craig; After the Killing Fields: Lessons from the Cambodian Genocide. 2005
Evans, Grant & Rowley, Kelvin; Red Brotherhood At War: Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia Since 1975. 1990
Fawcett, Brian; Cambodia: A Book For People Who Find Television Too Slow. 1986
Fawthrop, Tom & Jarvis, Helen; Getting Away With Genocide? Elusive Justice & The Khmer Rouge Tribunal 2004
Fay, Kim; To Asia With Love: A Connoisseur's Guide to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand & Vietnam. 2004
Fifield, Adam; A Blessing Over Ashes:The Remarkable Odyssey of My Cambodian Brother. 2000
Findlay, Trevor; Cambodia; The Legacy & Lessons of UNTAC. 1995
Finn, Kenneth; My Journey with a Remarkable Tree. 2005
Finot, Louis; Ruins of Angkor. 2002
Freeman, Michael & Warner, Roger; Angkor: The Hidden Glories. 1990
Freeman, Michael; A Golden Souvenir of Angkor. 1992
Freeman, Michael; A Guide to Khmer Temples in Thailand & Laos. 1996
Freeman, Michael & Jacques, Claude; Ancient Angkor. 1999 & 2003
Freeman, Michael; Cambodia. 2004
Freeman, Michael; Angkor Icon. 2003
Ghosh, Amitar; Dancing in Cambodia, at large in Burma. 1998
Gilboa, Amit; Off the Rails in Phnom Penh: Into the Dark Heart of Guns, Girls and Ganja. 1998
Giteau, Madeleine; History of Angkor. 1997
Giteau, Madeleine; Khmer Sculpture & the Angkor Civilisation. 1966
Glaize, Maurice; The Monuments of the Angkor Group. 1944
Gottesman, Evan; Cambodia After the Khmer Rouge. 2003
Grandjean, Jean-Pierre; Angkor. 2002
Granot; Along the Maekhong River & the Cambodian Border. 1997
Gray, Spalding; Swimming to Cambodia. 1988
Groslier, Bernard & Arthaud, Jacques; The Arts & Civilization of Angkor. 1957
Grossman, Kari Grady; Bones That Float: A Story of Adopting Cambodia. 2007
Gunn, Geoffrey & Lee, Jefferson; Cambodia: Watching Down Under. 1991
Haas, Michael: Genocide by Proxy : Cambodian Pawn on a Superpower Chessboard. 1991
Haas, Michael: Cambodia, Pol Pot & the United States. 1991
Hall, Kari & Getlin, Josh; Beyond the Killing Fields. 1992
Hansen, Anne Ruth; How To Behave: Buddhism and Modernity in Colonial Cambodia 1860-1930. 2007
Hansen, Merrily (trans) & Marchal, Sappho; Khmer Costumes and Ornaments: Of the Devatas of Angkor Wat. 2004
Harmuth, Robert K; Khmer Warrior. 1998
Harris, Ian; Cambodian Buddhism: History & Practice. 2005
Heder, Stephen & Ledgerwood, Judy; Propaganda, Politics & Violence in Cambodia. 1995
Heder, Stephen; Kampuchean Occupation & Resistance. 1980
Heder, Stephen & Tittemore, Brian D; Seven Candidates for Prosecution. 2004
Heininger, Janet; Peacekeeping in Transition: The UN in Cambodia.1994
Heywood, Denise; Cambodian Dance - Celebration of the Gods. 2008
Higham, Charles; The Civilization of Angkor. 2001
Hill, David; Dos and Don'ts in Cambodia. 2005
Him, Chanrithy; When Broken Glass Floats: Growing up under the Khmer Rouge. 2000
Himm, Sokreaksa; The Tears of My Soul. 2003
Himm, Sokreaksa; After The Heavy Rain. 2007
Hinton, Alexander Laban; Why Did They Kill? Cambodia In The Shadow of Genocide. 2004
Hinton, Alexander & Veneciano, Jorge (eds); Night of the Khmer Rouge: Genocide & Justice in Cambodia. 2007
Ho, Minfong; The Clay Marble. 1991
Hopper, Kathy & Teas, Martha; Taming The Savage Monsoon. 2005 (novel)
Hoskin, John & Hall, Tim; Cambodia: A Portrait. 1992
Howell, Haney; Road Runners: Combat Journalists in Cambodia. 1989 (novel)
Hudson, Christopher; The Killing Fields. 1984 (novel)
Hughes, Caroline; UNTAC in Cambodia: The Impact on Human Rights. 1996
Hughes, Caroline; The Political Economy of Cambodia's Transition 1991-2001. 2003
Hughes, Caroline (ed); Conflict and Change in Cambodia. 2006
Igout, Michel; Phnom Penh Then & Now. 1993
Imam, Vannary; When Elephants Fight: A Memoir. 2000
Insight Compact Guide to Cambodia. 2000
Insight Guide to Laos & Cambodia. 2000
Ishizawa, Yoshiaki; Along the Royal Roads to Angkor. 1999
Izu, Kenro; Light over Ancient Angkor. 1997
Jackson, Karl (ed); Cambodia 1975-78: Rendezvous With Death. 1989
Jackson, Toby; Just Waiting To Die? Cambodian Refugees in Thailand. 1987
Jacobsen, Trudy; Lost Goddesses: The Denial of Female Power in Cambodian History. 2008
Jacobson, Matt & Visakay, Frank; Adventure Cambodia. 2000
Jacobson, Matt; Ultimate Cambodia. 2008
Jacques, Claude; Angkor. 1990
Jacques, Claude & Freeman, Michael; Angkor Cities & Temples. 1998
Jarvis, Helen; Cambodia (World Bibliographical Series). 1997
Jeldres, Julio A; The Royal Palace of Phnom Penh and Cambodian Royal Life. 1999
Jeldres, Julio A; The Royal House of Cambodia. 2003
Jennar, Raoul M; Cambodian Chronicles (1989-1996). 1998
Jessup, Helen & Zephir, Thierry; Sculpture of Angkor & Ancient Cambodia: Millenium of Glory. 1997
Jessup, Helen; Art & Architecture of Cambodia. 2004
Jessup, Helen; Masterpieces of The National Museum of Cambodia. 2006
Johnson, Adam & Kealey, Tom (eds); Shake Girl. 2008
Joiner, Robert; Kings of the Road: The Cyclos of Phnom Penh. 2005
Jones, John R; Guide to Laos & Cambodia (Bradt). 1995
Kamm, Henry; Cambodia: Report from a Stricken Land. 1998
Karber, Phil; The Indochina Chronicles 2005
Keeley, Edmund; A Wilderness Called Peace. 1985 (novel)
Kiernan, Ben & Boua, Chanthou (eds); Peasants & Politics in Kampuchea 1942-81. 1982
Kiernan, Ben; The Pol Pot Regime: Race, Power & Genocide Under the Khmer Rouge 1975-79. 1996
Kiernan, Ben; How Pol Pot Came To Power: A History of Communism in Kampuchea 1930-75. 1985
Kiernan, Ben (ed); Genocide & Democracy in Cambodia: The Khmer Rouge, the UN & the International Community. 1993
Kiljunen, Kimmo (ed); Kampuchea: Decade of the Genocide. 1984
King, James; Khmer: Shadows in the Ruins. 2009
Koch, Christopher J; Highways To A War. 1995 (novel)
Krasa, Miloslav & Cifra, Jan; The Temples of Angkor; Monuments to a Vanished Empire.1963
Kubes, Antonin; Kampuchea: Four Regimes. 1982
Lafont, Masha; Pillaging Cambodia: The Illicit Traffic in Khmer Art. 2004
Lafreniere, Bree; Music Through the Dark: A Tale of Survival in Cambodia. 2000
Laube, Lydia; Temples & Tuk Tuks: Travels in Cambodia. 2004
Laur, Jean; Angkor: An Illustrated Guide to the Monuments. 2003
Lawrence, Carl; The Prince Still Smiled. 1979
Lewis, Norman; A Dragon Apparent: Travels in Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam. 1951
Lilja, Mona; Power, Resistance & Women Politicians in Cambodia. 2007
Lim, Bun T; Surviving Cambodia, The Khmer Rouge Regime. 2007
Linnett, Richard & Loiderman, Roberto; The Eagle Mutiny. 2001
Lipp, Fred; The Caged Birds of Phnom Penh. 2004
Lipp, Fred; Running Shoes. 2006
Livingston, Carol; Gecko Tails: A Journey Through Cambodia. 1996
Lize, Pierre; Peace, Power and Resistance in Cambodia. 1999
Locard, Henri; The Khmer Rouge Gulag. 1995
Long, Jeff; The Reckoning. 2004 (novel)
Lord, Michelle; A Song for Cambodia. 2008
Lord, Michelle; Little Sap & Monsieur Rodin. 2006
Loti, Pierre; A Pilgrimage to Angkor. 1996
Lunn, Richard; Leaving Year Zero. 2004
Ly, Sopheap; No Dream Beyond My Reach. 2009
Mabbett, Ian & Chandler, David P; The Khmers. 1995
MacDonald, Sir Malcolm; Angkor & the Khmers. 1937
Mackay, Viv; Cambodian Women. 1995
Maguire, Peter; Facing Death in Cambodia. 2005
Maitland, Derek; Insider's Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia Guide. 1996
Mam, Somaly; The Road of Lost Innocence. 2007
Mannikka, Eleanor; Angkor Wat: Time, Space & Kingship. 1996
Marston, John & Guthrie, Elizabeth; History, Buddhism & New Religious Movements in Cambodia. 2004
Martin, Marie A; Cambodia: A Shattered Society. 1994
Mason, Linda & Brown, Roger; Rice, Rivalry & Politics: Managing Cambodian Relief. 1983
May, Someth; Cambodian Witness: The Autobiography of Someth May. 1986
Mazzeo, Donatella & Antonini, Chiara; Monuments of Civilization - Ancient Cambodia. 1978
McCurry, Steve; Sanctuary, The Temples of Angkor. 2002
Meas, Sambath; The Immortal Seeds. 2009
Mehta, Harish & Julie; Hun Sen : Strongman of Cambodia. 1999
Mehta, Harish; Warrior Prince: Norodom Ranariddh. 2001
Mehta, Julie; Dance of Life: The Mythology, History and Politics of Cambodian Culture. 2001
Mei, Zhou; Radio UNTAC of Cambodia: Winning Ears, Hearts & Minds. 1994
Merriweather, Nicholas; Apsara Jet. 2001 (novel)
Metzl, Jamie; The Depths of the Sea. 2004 (novel)
Ministry of Tourism; Cambodia: Discover the Hidden Kingdom. 1994
Ministry of Tourism; Cambodia: Journey of a Lifetime. 1996
Minority Rights Group; Minorities in Cambodia. 1995
Miyamoto, Ryuji; Angkor. 1995
Moore, Christopher G; Cut Out. 1994 (novel)
Moore, Christopher G; Zero Hour in Phnom Penh. 1994 (novel)
Morris, Stephen J; Why Vietnam Invaded Cambodia. 1999
Mouhot, Henri; Travels in Siam, Cambodia & Laos 1858-60. 1986 re-print
Moyer, Nancy; Escape from the Killing Fields. 1991
Muller, Gregor; Colonial Cambodia's 'Bad Frenchmen' : The rise of French rule and the life of Thomas Caraman, 1840-87. 2006
Murray, Stephen O; Angkor Life. 1996
Muscat, Robert & Stromseth, Jonathan; Cambodia: Post-Settlement Reconstruction & Development. 1989
Muskie, Edmund; Exploring Cambodian Issues. 1991
Mysliwiec, Eva; Punishing the Poor: The International Isolation of Kampuchea. 1988
Nafilyan, Guy & Garnier, Pierre; Khmer Art In Reserve.1997
Nagashima, Masayuki; The Lost Heritage: The Reality of Artifact Smuggling in SEast Asia. 2002
Nath, Vann; A Cambodian Prison Portrait: One Year in the Khmer Rouge's S-21. 1999
National Geographic; Angkor & Kampuchea - May 1982.
Nee, Meas: Towards Restoring Life: Cambodian Villages. 1997
Nelles Guides; Cambodia & Laos. 1994 & 2000
Neveu, Roland; Cambodia: The Years of Turmoil. 2000
Neveu, Roland; Great Little Guide: Cambodia & Angkor. 1995
Neveu, Roland; Cambodia : The Complete Guide. 1997 & 1998
Neveu, Roland; Angkor. 2000
Neveu, Roland; Fall of Phnom Penh. 2007
Ngor, Haing S & Warner, Roger; Surviving the Killing Fields: The Cambodian Odyssey of Haing S Ngor. 1988
Nolan, Keith; Into Cambodia. 1999 re-print
North, Peter; Culture Shock! Cambodia. 2006
Oeng, Kim Chou & Hammack, Marchelle; Climbing Back Up. 2003
Oeur, U Sam; Crossing Three Wildernesses. 2005
Ollier, Leakthina Chau-Pech & Winter, Tim; Expressions of Cambodia: The politics of tradition, identity and change. 2006
Ortner, Jon; Angkor: Celestial Temples of the Khmer Empire. 2003
Osborne, Milton; Sihanouk: Prince of Light, Prince of Darkness. 1994
Osborne, Milton; Before Kampuchea: Preludes to a Tragedy. 1979
Osborne, Milton; Politics & Power in Cambodia: The Sihanouk Years. 1973
Osborne, Milton; Phnom Penh: A Cultural and Literary History. 2008
Osprey Series; War In Cambodia 1970-75. 1989
Page, Tim; Derailed in Uncle Ho's Victory Garden. 1995
Palmer, Beverley; The Rough Guide To Cambodia. 2002
Parmentier, Henri; Guide To Angkor.
Patridge, Larry; Flying Tigers Over Cambodia. 2001
Pastore, Clare; Chantrea Conway's Story: A Voyage from Cambodia in 1975. 2001
Peou, Sorpong; Intervention & Change in Cambodia: Towards Democracy? 2000
Philpotts, Robert; A Guide to Phnom Penh: The Gateway to Cambodia. 1992
Philpotts, Robert; Reporting Angkor: Chou Ta-Kuan in Cambodia 1296-97. 1996
Philpotts, Robert; The Coast of Cambodia. 2000
Philpotts, Robert; A Port for Independence: The Origins of Sihanoukville. 2006
Phuangdorkmai, Somboon; An Artist at Angkor. 1997
Picq, Laurence; Beyond the Horizon. 1989
Pilger, John; Heroes. 1986
Pilger, John; Distant Voices. 1992
Ponchaud, Francois; Cambodia: Year Zero. 1978
Ponder, HW; Cambodian Glory. 1936
Ponnareth, Penn; Rainbow Sky Surface. 2009
Poole, Colin & Briggs, Eleanor; Tonle Sap: The Heart of Cambodia's Natural Heritage. 2006
Poulton, Ron; Battambang. 2001 (novel)
Prior, Marje; Shooting at the Moon: Cambodian Peacemakers Tell Their Story. 1994
Pym, Christopher; The Road to Angkor. 1959
Pym, Christopher; Mistaphim in Cambodia. 1960
Pym, Christopher; The Ancient Civilization of Angkor. 1968
Quigley, John, Robinson, Ken & De Nike, Howard; Genocide in Cambodia: Documents from the Trial of Pol Pot and Ieng Sary. 2000
Quinnell, AJ; Message From Hell. 1996 (novel)
Ray, Nick; Cambodia: Lonely Planet Guide. 2000 & subsequent editions
Renaut, Thomas; Eternal Phnom Penh: Contemporary Portrait of a Timeless City. 1995
Reynell, Josephine; Political Pawns: Refugees on the Thai-Kampuchean Border. 1989
Reyum Institute; Wat Painting in Cambodia. 2007
Riboud, Marc; Angkor: The Serenity of Buddhism. 1993
Riddle, Tom; Cambodian Interlude: Inside the 1993 UN Elections. 1997
Riley, Chris & Niven, Douglas; The Killing Fields. 1996
Robinson, Daniel & Wheeler, Tony; Cambodia: Lonely Planet Guide. 1992
Rollins, James; The Judas Strain. 2007 (novel)
Rooney, Dawn; Angkor: An Introduction to the Temples. 1994 & 1997 & 1999 & 2000 & 2007
Rooney, Dawn; Angkor Observed. 2001
Rooney, Dawn; Guide to Angkor Wat. 1994
Ross, Helen Grant & Collins, Daryl; Building Cambodia - New Khmer Architecture 1953-1970. 2006
Roveda, Vittorio; Khmer Mythology. 1997
Roveda, Vittorio; Sacred Angkor - The Carved Reliefs of Angkor Wat. 2002
Roved, Vittorio; Preah Vihear. 2000
Roveda, Vittorio; Images of the Gods. 2006
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Ryman, Geoff; The King's Last Song. 2006 (novel)
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